We began in January of 2000 as an educational consulting firm that provided psychoeducational evaluations to students.

We travel to our clients and have visited families in many states as well as internationally.
We were also a test site for the Secondary Schools Admission Test (SSAT). After having served nearly 1,000 students and families, we added the independent school advising component to our practice and we are proud to offer highly personalized, boutique-level service of the highest quality to our clients.

12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Independent Educational Consultant


Thought you would appreciate (School’s Head), opinion of your report. I know it will be instrumental in their working with (Student). I also wanted to let you know how comforting it is to have your report which explains the seemingly inexplicable disconnect between (Student’s) intellect and performance the past few years. We are hopeful that (School) is the right educational environment for (Student) and that there he will reach his full potential. Thank you for helping us to reach this goal.
~School Administrator

Thank you so much for the very prompt and concise report. We’ve already visited four schools with (Child) thanks to Tom’s very helpful debriefing and it appears that we may actually have a couple of winners with room. The (School) absolutely fills the bill for all Tom’s excellent recommendations, so we’re keeping fingers crossed. Without Tom’s report, we’d be lost—so a particular “thanks”!

Thank you so much for coming down to Connecticut and testing (Child) yesterday. I met with (Family) today and they raved about you, how much they like and enjoyed meeting you and how you stuck around to answer every single one of their questions (and there are many!). They very much appreciated you and your generosity with your time. (Child) thought you were great; you made him feel smart and gave him straight information and strategies that made sense to him. Thank you very much. You are a gift to these families (and me).